This Man From Mumbai Is Planning To Sue His Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without His Consent


Yes, you read that right. This man from Mumbai, named Raphael Samuel, is planning to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. How bizarre is that?

Raphael describes himself as an anti-natalist. Anti-Natalists are groups of people who believe that it is wrong to procreate or give birth to children on moral grounds.

In a video that has now gone viral, this man is seen dressed in a black t-shirt and fake beard and glasses. Essentially, he tells people in the video to stop having babies.

He wants people to understand that everyone is born without consent and did not have a say in the matter. Thus, no one, under any circumstances, owes anything to their parents nor are they obligated to them.

He is of the opinion that the world is suffering, and bringing babies into such a world is cruel and selfish. He says that people should stop reproducing altogether.


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